1. What is an extract?
    Extracts is a product made with a solvent that releases the active compounds from plant material. Solvents used are often either alcohol or water. A high quality extracts should preserve the scent and taste of the plant material from which it was made. Extracts come in two forms, spray dried powder and oleoresin.
  2. What is a ground powder?
    Ground powder was made by grinding dry plant material to a fine powder with mill machine. Our milling machine can provide particle size up to 400 mesh.
  3. What is an essential oil?
    Essential oil is a natural oil obtain by distillation and having the characteristic aroma of the plant which it is extracted.
  4. Is it soluble in oil or soluble in water?
    Extracts powder are water and oil soluble, while ground powder are not soluble in both.
  5. What is the difference between fresh and ground powder of spices?
    Our ground powder are made with fresh spices, dried and ground to fine powder with low temperature to keep it’s characteristic. There’s no major change in taste and aroma, easy to use and have longer shelf life than the fresh one.
  6. How much extracts powder are used in foods?
    As our extracts are concentrated form of plant’s active ingredient, it is used only in small quantities to obtain aroma and taste of fresh spices.
  7. Can you do custom order?
    It depends. Please email us directly with any detail information of your order.
  8. Can you provide lab results?
    Yes. We get all of our products tested, we will provide lab results upon request.
  9. How far in advance should I place my order?
    If possible, we ask you to give us at least 4 to 6 weeks notice prior just in case your order is out of stock.
  10. Is there any physical store?
    We don’t have any physical store, if you interested in our product or service please contact our marketing and sales department by send your inquiries to inquiry@petropack.com